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Garrett Dowdy

Garrett Dowdy is an engineer who enjoys using mathematical optimization to help people solve a variety of practical problems, ranging from the everyday (e.g., scheduling and assignment) to the highly technical (e.g., supply chain operation and engineering design).  He has worked with clients in the consumer electronics, biotech, high-tech, and power electronics industries.  He has also done pro bono consulting with academic administrators and volunteer-run homeless shelters.

Garrett has a PhD in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Math from MIT.  During his PhD, he published three first-author papers on applications of semidefinite optimization in chemical engineering.  Furthermore, he presented his work at several international conferences, once being invited as a keynote speaker.  Garrett feels that his rigorous mathematical background gives him an edge in confronting analytical and optimization problems.

Prior to MIT, Garrett earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Tech.  While at Georgia Tech, he participated in the Co-op Program, working for ExxonMobil.  He completed four separate work rotations in various parts of the oil business, including a downstream automation and optimization team.