Girish K Govindarajan

Girish has worked with messy, voluminous and unbalanced data across various forms including text, audio, and video. He loves solving predictive and prescriptive analytical problems that arise in business contexts by applying the right mathematical frameworks.

Prior to joining E2E, Girish worked on a number of data science projects. On one, he worked with the media company GroupM to build a data-driven video-search tool for advertisement producers, aiding them in the creative pre-production phase. This tool utilizes state-of-the-art ML/DL techniques to segment videos into scenes, classifies the emotional tone of an ad using the background score, and infers the purpose of an ad along a branding-tactical axis. For another project, he helped a supplier and contractor management firm better manage risk by predicting the occurrence of serious injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Girish enjoys using Python, R, Julia, and MATLAB. Girish received his Master of Business Analytics degree from MIT and dual Bachelor & Master Degrees in Chemical Engineering from IIT Madras.