GP Callioni

Gianpaolo Callioni has been a supply chain and operations practitioner and consultant in the high tech and consumer electronics industries for nearly two decades. He has developed advanced manufacturing and distribution strategies for numerous businesses, redesigning critical supply chains and business processes. GP’s focus has been on improving the effectiveness of the overall value-chain, with particular emphasis on the optimization of pricing and financial flows.

As manager of the Strategic Planning and Modeling (SPaM) team at HP, GP led cross-functional teams to address strategic and operational issues by applying quantitative modeling and analysis to supply chain management, forecasting, planning, risk management, warranty and product design problems. As a result of his early career experience in Corporate Finance, GP has developed deep functional expertise in the optimization of supply chain financial flows.

GP has published articles in Harvard Business Review, Interfaces, and OR/MS Today and is a frequent speaker at conferences and academic events. He also has patents pending on business processes, tools and algorithms applied to capacity & inventory optimization and financial flows. He holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Economics from Bocconi University in Milan, Italy.