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Heiko Pieper

Heiko Pieper has spent his career designing, implementing and deploying analytical solutions in the automotive, high-tech and electric power industries. His focus is on applying optimization techniques to risk management, capacity decisions and supply chain design challenges.

Heiko has extensive consulting experience with global OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry in Europe and the US, and has also worked in the high tech, finance and utilities sectors. He was an early member of the Vivecon team, where he created the optimization algorithms to manage demand and supply uncertainty. He also built solutions to manage flexibility in the automotive industry. The techniques used were an extension of his research at Stanford, where he designed mathematical models to predict prices during the California electricity crises. He is also a patent holder in the area of supply chain risk management.

Heiko holds a Diploma in Business Mathematics from the University of Hamburg and an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Colorado State University. He also holds an M.S. in Engineering-Economic Systems & Operations Research and a Ph.D. in Management Science, both from Stanford University.