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Marcin Polkowski

Marcin Polkowski is an experienced consultant with strong interest in application of data processing, optimization and forecasting solutions in cloud environments. His focus is on combining data driven analytics with high performance computing for fast and scalable client solutions.

Prior to joining End-to-End Marcin worked couple of years as an assistant professor at the university and post-doc at National Weather Institute. His focus was always on using computer science for efficient solving of data driven problems. On top of that Marcin has over 10 years of consulting experience: in his own company in Europe and working for multiple clients across the US. Marcin is Amazon AWS certified Solutions Architect and has strong technical skill set that includes Python, C++, Linux, Docker and several other programming languages and tools.

Marcin holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Warsaw University. He is and author of multiple scientific papers on data processing and modelling. He also has few years’ experience in teaching computer science at collage level.