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Nicole Taheri

Nicole Taheri has extensive experience applying operations research and mathematical methods to find optimal solutions. Her focus is on combining optimization, predictive analytics and complex data analysis to gain essential business insights.

Prior to joining End-to-End, Nicole spent 4 years at IBM Research Ireland, where she applied her knowledge of optimization to a wide range of applications. Her work has centered around analyzing complex data to transform data insights into actionable recommendations that improve business processes. Nicole has worked with water utilities to improve their operation by minimizing costs and reducing water leakage. She collaborated with a large sales corporation to recommend sales team structures that maximize success rates, and she led work on optimal charging of plug-in electric vehicles. Nicole also has a background in optimization under uncertainty and designed a semidefinite programming solver as an addition to CPLEX. In addition to her technical background, Nicole enjoys finding ways to present quantitative results in an intuitive way.

Nicole has PhD from Stanford University in Computational and Mathematical Engineering and a BS in Mathematics from Tulane University.