Philipp Janert

Philipp K. Janert combines experience in operations and physical
processes with a background as software engineer and a hard-science

After several years of writing enterprise software, Philipp found
himself as process engineer for order picking at Amazon, responsible
for the physical processes in Amazon's global fulfillment network.
In this role, he initiated and led several analytical and algorithmic
optimization efforts, and developed a deep appreciation for the power
and importance of defined processes in any form of operation. Since
leaving Amazon, he has continued to work as an applied scientist,
with an emphasis on optimization problems and process improvements.
He has consulted for a variety of companies, from small start-ups to
large corporate clients, predominantly from the tech industry.

Philipp is the author of several books (including "Data Analysis
with Open Source Tools" and "Feedback Control for Computer Systems",
both O'Reilly). He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics from the
University of Washington.