Vlad Gorlov

Vlad Gorlov spent over 20 years designing and delivering data-driven analytics solutions for customers across the globe. His primary focus has been on pricing science and optimization in Manufacturing, High-Tech, CPG, Financial Services, Chemicals, Distribution and other industries. 

Vlad’s work centers around creating intuitive innovative solutions using statistics, mathematical modeling, optimization and data science. He has several patents related to pricing optimization. Before joining E2E, Vlad led pricing science implementation projects as well as optimization software product development at Vendavo. He also spent several years with Nomis Solutions, where he oversaw modeling on pricing optimization engagements for banks across North America. Prior to Nomis, Vlad held a number of positions in pricing, marketing optimization and customer analytics.

Vlad holds an MA in Economics from Yale University and an MS in mathematics. He also has several years of doctoral studies in Economics at the University of Toronto and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management.